Tattoo artists

ALL of our tattooists are talented artists who are constantly adding to their artistic portfolios (whenever time in a busy studio permits!)  They each have original and prints of most pieces available for purchase from the studio and they regularly feature their work in their social media accounts (links below)…

Andre Simpson has been tattooing since 2007 in Christchurch, and he has worked in Sydney, Melbourne and here in Wellington. Andre’s capable of executing a broad range of tattoo styles, specialising in neo-traditional and classical traditional custom pieces, as well as photo realism and pop-culture pieces.

Interpreting and bringing your ideas to life in a unique one of a kind piece tailored to your needs is what he strives to achieve.

Instagram – Andre Simpson

Facebook – Andre Simpson Tattoo Artist

Luke Nehren-Smith Is an incredibly talented artist, who has a prodigious drawing and painting talent that they’ve directed toward the art of tattoo.  They’re inspired by a multitude of artistic influences and is determined to add as many styles as possible to their repertoire. 

Luke has managed to build up an enormous client base as their unusual skill level just broadens and expands to include a wonderful array of styles.  Check out their accomplishments in Instagram by clicking on the following link:

Instagram – Luke

Kat Munro  Is our apprentice tattooist who has been building up her design portfolio and honing her skills on willing friends, and now customers.  She’s already got quite a catalogue of flash, that includes a lot of pop art with her own, cheeky twist on banners and slogans. She’s doing ever bigger pieces as her talent and confidence builds, and her customers love her.

She’s got a degree in design from Massey and has an extensive talent ranging far beyond drawing design and ink on skin.  Check out some of her work on the following link:

Instagram – Kat

Kaitlin Howe Is the latest apprentice to join our team.  She’s been drawing and painting since childhood and has got her own distinctive style that aligns incredibly well with tattoo.  She’s building up her portfolio with small flash pieces that are available now.  You can see her work on Instagram via the following link:

Instagram – Kaitlin