LURA – The story of a tattooing wunderkind

When we first met Lura, she was super shy, quiet and very unassuming. She would come into the studio to chill out and ensconce herself in drawing and get her mind off her medical degree studies. There were times when she’d sing out a quiet cheerio, as she was leaving, and most of us had no idea she’d even been there, she was that reserved.

But she came to work with us over the summer last year. She’d got her own machine and had been practicing on all manner of fruit and veggie skins, as well as herself and right away we could tell she was a bit different. She was seemingly mastering the techniques at a rate none of us thought possible. So by April, she’d decided she wanted to press pause on her medical career (she was nearly half way through her 5th year in medicine!) and have a go at tattooing full time.

In that time until now, she’s come a very long way. She’s mastered styles and techniques that other artists we’ve had in this studio still can’t do, never mind master, after years in the game. Consequently, she’s already built up quite a following of dedicated clients. She doesn’t back down from challenges. And her years of med-school have equipped her with a bedside manner that engenders confidence both in her and in her customers. Her medical knowledge has held her in very good stead when explaining healing and cleaning processes, as well as understanding pain tolerances, signs of faintness and how to manage such.

Today Lura is almost a different person, she’s still as lovely and kind and sweet as ever but, she’s also confident and vivacious now. She seems at least 6 inches taller than the girl we first met. She has a real genius in the way she develops design concepts. She has incredible originality and a style that’s very much her own, not needing to copy or mash up the designs and styles of others. We’re so proud to be a part of her development and believe she has a fabulous future ahead of her.

There’s links to her social media on our artists page.  You can contact her directly or via the studio for bookings.  You won’t be disappointed.