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Less than a month ago, a lovely young woman, Emma ten Have, approached the studio to ask if we’d be interested in supporting her with her Master’s Degree. It was a very unusual request, a proposal to enhance NZ bird life conservation awareness through tattoos.

Happily, the whole project resonated so well with the studio’s ethos, that we were on board immediately! Having such a great opportunity to have a hand in bird conservation was a no-brainer. We’ve been striving to find a meaningful way to give back in honour of the very birb from which we took our name, the Kakapo! But also helping out the lovely Emma, a young, kiwi scientist-artist would be our honour.

Go to our Events page and click on the link to the event’s Facebook page for details and we’ll hopefully see you there ūüėČ


Most of the art on display in the studio is for sale. If there’s anything that catches your eye and fancy, don’t be shy about asking about it.


Ellie has some incredible art and art prints available to purchase. She’s an architect during the working week, but out of hours, she delivers some truly incredible pieces, inspired by her day-job. She’s captured some iconic Wellington street-scapes with her quirky and compelling style.

Come check out her work, you can get lost in it and also find something new in it nearly every time you view it. Or see where else she’s exhibiting her talents by following her on Instagram @elliecompton.pieces

LURA – The story of a tattooing wunderkind

When we first met Lura, she was super shy, quiet and very unassuming. She would come into the studio to chill out and ensconce herself in drawing and get her mind off her medical degree studies. There were times when she’d sing out a quiet cheerio, as she was leaving, and most of us had no idea she’d even been there, she was that reserved.

But she came to work with us over the summer last year. She’d got her own machine and had been practicing on all manner of fruit and veggie skins, as well as herself and right away we could tell she was a bit different. She was seemingly mastering the techniques at a rate none of us thought possible. So by April, she’d decided she wanted to press pause on her medical career (she was nearly half way through her 5th year in medicine!) and have a go at tattooing full time.

In that time until now, she’s come a very long way. She’s mastered styles and techniques that other artists we’ve had in this studio still can’t do, never mind master, after years in the game. Consequently, she’s already built up quite a following of dedicated clients. She doesn’t back down from challenges. And her years of med-school have equipped her with a bedside manner that engenders confidence both in her and in her customers. Her medical knowledge has held her in very good stead when explaining healing and cleaning processes, as well as understanding pain tolerances, signs of faintness and how to manage such.

Today Lura is almost a different person, she’s still as lovely and kind and sweet as ever but, she’s also confident and vivacious now. She seems at least 6 inches taller than the girl we first met. She has a real genius in the way she develops design concepts. She has incredible originality and a style that’s very much her own, not needing to copy or mash up the designs and styles of others. We’re so proud to be a part of her development and believe she has a fabulous future ahead of her.

There’s links to her social media on our artists page.¬† You can contact her directly or via the studio for bookings.¬† You won’t be disappointed.

Booking a Tattoo is Easy As

We get heaps and heaps of phone calls and emails from people who haven’t yet been tattooed, asking about how the booking process works.¬† I found this meme online that cuts straight to it (see below).

If you’ve already researched your artist and you know who you want to see, it might be best to book your consultation to ensure you get to see them when you come in ūüôā

Consultations are free and deposits are deducted from the final cost of your tattoo ūüôā

Have a great day!

The tattoo healing process


It’s funny how no matter how much detail a client is provided with about their tattoo and what to expect as it heals, a few folks still make a panicked call to the studio within mere days of getting their tattoo, freaking out about how their tattoo is starting to look.

A new tattoo is an actual wound, an open sore that needs to close up and heal.  This process takes between 2-4 weeks on average.  That means, it will go through various stages of scabbing and peeling.

With colour tattoos this process can look pretty gruesome but it does not mean anything is wrong with your piece.  You MUST allow the skin time to reseal itself through the normal healing process in the much the same way that any skin graze and ensuing scab will heal.

You ¬†shouldn’t pick your scabs, as this can lead to scarring, as well as infection. ¬†In the case of tattoos, it will lead to discolouration and even lift the ink right out of it.

Applying too much aftercare (be that a specific tattoo product, a moisturiser or an anti-septic) will dilute the ink and even leech it out of the wound before it’s healed up.

Ask your tattooist about their own tattoo healing stories. ¬†Nearly all of them will have a weird tale of the healing process, where observing a big colour piece heal, includes moments when they’re sure something is wrong but it all works out in the end. ¬†You have to be patient.

If the surrounding skin isn’t red and inflamed, it’s very unlikely that there’s any infection to manage. ¬†So just leave it alone as much as possible in order to avoid cross contamination with unclean fingers.

Below is a wee picture than shows the varying stages of the healing process.

Hope this clears things up a bit ūüôā


For your (re)viewing pleasure :)

It’s important to review your artist to get a feel for the type of person they are, in addition to their artistic talents.

We use a booking system to keep track of appointments, book new clients and record details.  It provides us with a raft of nifty features, such as reporting and business projections, it even sends happy birthday emails to all customers who provide an email address!  Best of all, it provides clients with the means to log their feedback about their experience.

We’re delighted that we manage to provide a consistently positive experience for all our customers. ¬†Check out what folks are saying about us by clicking on the following link:

Kakapo Ink Customer Reviews

Look After your Ink People!

We had a customer come in yesterday, to inquire about the healing  process of her tattoo that she had done a week ago.

It was definitely in the early stages of infection, which distressed us because we pride ourselves on the standard of our hygiene and cleanliness, operating a fully disposable, single use environment.

Turns out she works in housekeeping at a hostel and did not cover up her fresh piece while performing her work. ¬†Stirring up untold number of airborne pathogens, that surround us in our day-to-day lives, it’s not really surprising that something has has taken hold within the newly open wound and started to cause irritation.

When your artist tells you to take care of your tattoo, they mean it! ¬†The responsibility for maintaining it once it’s put on your body, falls to you. ¬†You MUST clean it carefully every day. ¬†Cover it while it’s healing, especially if you work in a job that increases your exposure to pathogens. ¬†It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, just something to keep it out of the sun, wind and air, be it long sleeves or long pants. ¬†And make sure any clothing you put against it is clean!



Winter time is Tattoo time!

Splendid winter salutations!

Did you know that winter is the best time of year for getting your tattoos?

You don’t have to worry about it getting sunburned, you won’t have to forego any warm weather¬†water activities, perhaps most importantly, you can keep it safely covered under loose clothing (well, in most cases you can ūüėČ ).

Who knew?!


Shopping around according to price…

Greetings lovely people!

So a common theme that we experience in the shop is one where potential clients come in ¬†to inquire about how much a tattoo will cost, even before they’ve finalised the design they want or where they want it etc. ¬†Some folks even go so far as to advise that “a friend got something similar for such and such a price”.

Tattoos are a luxury item. ¬†No one really “needs” a tattoo. ¬†It’s purely a want, similar to designer shoes or technological items. ¬†The fundamental difference is that this artwork is going on your body and it will be there for life. ¬†Call me old-fashioned,but surely, for something you’re putting onto your body permanently, you ought to be driven more by the quality of the end result instead of the price alone?!

Think about it, would you “price shop” your dentist or doctor? ¬†What about a simple cup of coffee? ¬†People seem perfectly happy to part with a chunk of change for a decent coffee but they don’t go into a cafe and ask if the owner will accept a lower price for their product.

The thing is, no tattoo studio can charge any more than the market will bear.  Most professional studios in Wellington NZ have very similar price structures.  Different artists can charge a premium according to their skill, with some able to command fairly lofty incomes from their efforts.  However, if the tattooist is lacking in their ability to tattoo in any way, they will very quickly find their clientele dries up.

So when folks come in wanting to haggle over price, it makes things awkward. ¬†No true professional¬†in this industry is in the game to make a quick buck and is seeking to rip off each and every customer that walks into their shop. ¬†The world just doesn’t work that way.

If you find yourself in desperate want of a tattoo, make sure you’ve got the funds to cover it. ¬†Research your artist, research your preferred studio. ¬†Put a value on what your experience is worth. ¬†Also consider what it might cost to fix up or even cover up a crap tattoo.

It can be hard in this microwave society, where we expect to have all of our wants and needs met immediately, if not sooner!  But a tattoo is not something you should rush into and you should make sure your investment in body art is going to be worthwhile.

Happy days.


No Shows

In the past week we’ve had 3 no shows (for the uninitiated, a no show is when a customer makes an appointment but fails to turn up) and it’s a constant source of frustration for the studio.

It’s annoying that people can behave with such disregard for others when they would be rightly upset and annoyed if the roles were reversed and the artist just didn’t turn up for their appointment.

Not calling/messaging/emailing/smoke signals/carrier pigeon ¬†to advise you’re not going to make your appointment is a really big no no. ¬†It’s just plain rude. ¬†We totally get it that sometimes shit happens and you’re just not able to make it, but a bit of communication goes a really long way in this business.

Artists have lives to lead with all the daily expenses that that entails. ¬†They are only paid for the work that they complete, so a no show has a profound, immediate impact on their income. ¬†It’s often too late to find a replacement customer to fill that slot with no notice, so the more notice that can be given about a customer’s change in circumstances, the better.

So remember your manners people.  Treat others how you would expect to be treated and we can all help make this existence that much more rewarding for all of us ; )